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  1. We have five positions available for seasonal Crewmembers to join our team.

Vacancy Details:

CREW MEMBER / BAR STAFF (Seasonal position)

This is not a traditional bar staff position. It combines the role of bar person with boat crew member. As well as working the bar, serving drinks at tables and cleaning the boat, your duties will include helping to moor the boat, selling tickets and helping customers on board.

VACANCIES: We have 5 of these roles to fill.

START DATE: Induction day to be held on Tuesday 20th June, followed by a 6 day training program.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Thursday 1st June, 2017 @ 12 Noon.

INTERVIEW DATE: Interviews to be held on Tuesday 6th June, 2017.

PAY: £7.10 per hour, (£7.50 per hour if over 25).

AGE: Min 18 years

HOURS: Full-time seasonal contract, approximately 35-50 hours per week. (Includes evening and weekend shifts)

Job Description Summary:

PURPOSE OF ROLE: Assisting the Skipper and General Manager in delivering first class customer experiences. Assisting with the preparation and operation of the passenger boat, dealing with customer enquiries and ensuring safety of passengers, colleagues and contractors at all times.

RESPONSIBLE TO: The General Manager.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Crewmember’s duties include selling tickets, bar service, rope handling when mooring the vessel, communicating with customers on the quayside, maintaining a clean and tidy boat, supervising boarding and disembarkation of passengers, observing safe working practices and any other reasonable duties requested by the Skipper or General Manager. Attend training sessions where required.


When recruiting new staff to join our team at City Cruises York, we are very interested in your personal qualities and your attitude to working with our customers. The following list of indicators helps us to decide who will fit into our team.

You will have a positive attitude to work, which means we are looking for people who will be:

  • Happy to be at City Cruises York
  • Smiling and cheerful
  • Interested in their job
  • Seeking solutions not just seeing problems
  • Happy to laugh at their own mistakes
  • Tolerant when others make mistakes

Happy customers are essential to our continued success. As a member of our team you will need to be:

  • Helpful towards customers
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Happy to talk to customers
  • Able to take an interest in customers – ask them questions
  • Thinking about how you can increase our customer’s enjoyment

Whilst at work you will be flexible and happy to:

  • Perform other duties
  • Understand the inter-dependency between the different roles
  • Work different shifts

You must have a positive work ethic. Although we hope that you enjoy your time with us, we are not interested in you if you think working at City Cruises York will be easy. Your positive work ethic means that you will: 

  • Start work on time and get on with your work
  • Manage your own time
  • Understand why the work is important
  • Understand that customers are the reason we have jobs

During your time at City Cruises York you will:

  • Want to learn new skills and ways of working
  • Think your actions through and consider how they will affect both customers and colleagues
  • Recognise you can learn from others

We will be happy to spend as much time as necessary training you in the technical skills that you may require to do your job. However, we want to employ people who from their very first day have the right attitude and will contribute to our success, whilst having some fun afloat with the City Cruises York team.


The following will give you a feel for what it is like to work at City Cruises York. To save our time and yours PLEASE read this information carefully.

Every job role at City Cruises York involves lots of customer contact, if you don’t like working with the public, then this isn’t the place for you. We are looking for people who will enjoy working in this type of environment.

How long is the season?

Your seasonal contract can run up to the end of October, however we can accommodate seasonal staff that need to leave in mid-September for college or university term dates.

What do full-time hours actually mean?

This means you will work between 35 – 50 hours per week, however during very busy weeks you may exceed this and there may be some times when due to weather, river conditions or other factors we may not be able to guarantee the minimum hours above.

What days in the week will I work?

The City Cruises York rosta is based around a shift system. We aim to give all staff 2 consecutive days off in every 7.

Will I have to work evenings?

Yes, all staff are required to work evening shifts when rostered, this may be up to 3 shifts per week.

Will I work weekends and Bank Holidays?

Your rostered shifts will include most Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

What time will I start work?

DAY SHIFT: Starts between 8am and 11am and finishes when there are no more customers wanting a cruise! In high season this can be between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

EVENING SHIFT: This shift normally means you start work at about 4.30pm and you may occasionally work as late as 1.00am.

When customer demand is at a peak, you will be required to work both a day and night shift.

I live outside York. Is there any onsite parking?

NO: Please be aware we are a city centre location with no parking. With late night finishes and early morning starts public transport may not be available so please consider this before applying for the position.

Will I get a lunch break?

The nature of our work means that breaks are taken as time allows during your shift. We operate a sandwich ordering service at a discounted rate for all staff and we don’t deduct any time for short breaks.

Will I wear a uniform?

Yes, everyone at City Cruises York wears the company uniform that you will be responsible for cleaning and ironing. The company supplies all items except shoes.

When will I start?

If you are selected to work at City Cruises York, you will be offered a job that will commence with an induction on the 21st of June, 2017.

What’s it like working on a boat?

City Cruises York only operate boats on the non-tidal stretch of the River Ouse in York where the river is very calm. All our boats are modern; steel built and have twin decks.

What experience do I need?

We are not looking for ex-sailors or former Navy captains; so don’t worry if you have no previous boating experience. We are looking for staff that will enjoy working with our team and more importantly the public. If you have experience of hospitality, such as working in a bar, hotel or any customer service environment, then that is always an advantage.

Will I enjoy working at City Cruises York?

We hope so! The majority of seasonal staff members are eager to return in subsequent years so we must be doing something right!

Now that you’ve finished reading about working at City Cruises York, there are 2 choices:

OPTION ONE – If you have decided that working at City Cruises York isn’t for you, that’s fine, at least we haven’t wasted too much of your time and we wish you all the best for the future.

OPTION TWO – If you can still manage a smile after reading all of this, then please complete our online application form below:

(Please ensure that you complete all fields marked with * and upload a copy of your CV as well. Thank You).

We look forward to receiving your application to join our team.

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